College: The Move-In Day

Almost everyone can imagine a “First Day at College” movie scenario. You packed for weeks, you have all your decorations (that you and you roommate planned ahead of course), your stuff is all piled in the back of your car and your family (and maybe a few friends) somehow manage to fit in the packed car. It’s off to college, you’ve been preparing for this all summer. You arrive and see the crowds of students unpacking; you begin to join. You check in and immediately head to the room where you will be living for the next two semesters. You either see your roommate eagerly awaiting you or you unpack and eagerly wait for your roommate. After all, you have been talking to each other for weeks now. You will be BEST FRIENDS. You say a tearful goodbye to whoever drove you here and begin your college life. This is the first day of a new era.

Yeah, my first day didn’t quite go like that. I packed the night before, I didn’t talk to my roommate for weeks before, I didn’t even have that much stuff, and there weren’t even crowds. I had arrived late. Let me just start from the beginning. I had spent the night with two of my best friends the night before (they would be accompanying me on this trip). I had packed maybe one bin out of three. I wasn’t exactly “prepared”. I had to leave by 2:00PM to be at the college on time. So what did I do? I went to eat brunch thirty minutes away so I could say goodbye to a friend. I arrived at my house at about 1:00PM and I still wasn’t fully packed. My friends, who had offered to help, fell asleep (gotta love best friends). I packed and we pulled away from my house at about 2:30PM, my two friends and I in my small car and my parents in the mini van with my stuff. Halfway into the trip, I realized I forgot my student idea. Great. That means I had to go to the Student ID office before I could check into my dorm. Because I had to pick up my ID first, I arrived to my dorm after the 5:00PM check-in time. So no one was really moving in, just me. At least the elevators were empty. My roommate had already unpacked and was meeting people on the front lawn, I quickly unpacked so I could join her. I sat with her for a little while before going to say a goodbye to my parents and friends, we didn’t even cry that much. Just like that, my family was gone and I was alone. College was off to a great start.


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