The First One

Well here goes. My first blog post. I’ll be honest, I’ve never blogged before or even written to anyone. I am usually very soft spoken about my life, but it seemed like a good time for a blog. So this post is just to get the blog started, more exciting posts are to come. As said in my “About” section, I am 18 and in college for Elementary Education. As a freshman, there are a lot of interesting events. However, I am not a normal freshman in terms of social life. I make friends, I can be social, but I don’t part and drink like other freshman I know. And I’m okay with that. Some say that life is passing me by, but I’m enjoying it in my own way. This blog is to show people that. So if you don’t enjoy it, I’m sorry, but this is really just thoughts on paper (or computer screen, I guess) So overall, these posts will be light hearted, college experiences. There will be typos, and maybe a couple grammar errors, but as my English professor once said, “Don’t let the meaning of your words get lost because you’re too focused on punctuation.” It’s not that I’m bad at grammar, but I don’t think it needs to be emphasized in a setting like this. So don’t judge. Anyways, I guess that’s it. Enjoy the writing that is, DayDreamerBattles.


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