Life Update: Boyfriend

October 2nd, 2016.

It’s official.  I have a boyfriend. The timing could not have been any better in fact. Before the weekend that I had gone to visit my home, I was in a rough patch. I sat in front of my computer ready to type out what was a blog post outlining how low my self esteem was. I didn’t feel loved. I didn’t feel pretty. I didn’t feel wanted. That all changed.

I’ve know him for a little over a year now. And if I had a nickel for every time we would be a cute couple, I would be going to college for free (okay maybe I’m exaggerating, but you get the idea.) Did I agree with these people? Maybe…but I didn’t want anyone to know that. After all, there was no possible way he felt the same way. I just liked to think we were good friends and we were going to stay that way.

Fast Forward to now. Turns out he did feel the same way (shocker). And as of yesterday we are dating. Now let me make one thing clear, I am anything but romantic. I show my love through insults (I have to work on that honestly) He’s good at saying cute things that just make me feel better and I love that, but I am honestly really mean. It’s just how I show affection. I have no idea how he puts up with this. I don’t mean any of the mean things I say, I’m just a VERY sarcastic person. (It’s a good and bad thing) Now don’t get me wrong, I love romance. I am a HOPELESS romantic. I’m just not good at complimenting people, accepting compliments, expressing my feelings, or just being romantic in any way. It can get pretty bad. I can’t even say the reasons I like him, I know them but I can never put my feelings into words. He’s better at it. (Lucky me)  I just wish that I could express my feelings more clearly. I’ll have to work on that. We’ll see how that goes…



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