College Stress and Spring Semester: A Poem

Christmas holiday left you in the dust

New Years drinks have long been gone

Syllabus week ran off in a hurry

Spring break ended quickly

Now it’s time to worry

Finals stare at you with an evil glare

Exams and papers

No time to prepare

All the time in the world turned into just one day

Yet, here I am wasting my time away

Spring semester seemed to start all good

But the end came roaring in like a flood

I’ve never wanted it to end so badly

But first I have to take finals…Sadly

But as the index cards start to pile up

And my hand starts to hurt from all the writing

I’ll still find time to take a nap


Because I just can’t stop procrastinating


Ah, college. Yep it’s that time of year. The library has suddenly filled up with students, scrambling to bring up their grade. Professors are held up in their office by students basically begging on their knees for extra credit. Spring semester is such a weird time, so much different than Fall. All motivation is lost until, suddenly, you have to take four finals, write three essays, and present two projects in a week. I envy those who are on top of their work, but alas, that’s not me. I, instead, will be replacing a good night’s sleep with naps as I write that English essay that I’ve had three weeks to do. I keep telling myself that “C’s get degrees” but as I see that college bill I am faced with the hard truth, “C’s don’t get scholarships” so maybe I’ll work harder next time.

Or maybe not…

Good luck to all the procrastinators out there and of course everyone who is faced with finals! You’re gonna need it!

~Charlie Pond~


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