Why aren’t we talking about Mental Health?

~This post was inspired mostly by a video (on Facebook of all things) by ATTN. What if we talked about physical health the absurd way we talk about mental health. https://www.facebook.com/attn/videos/1391599620875493/?pnref=story ~ Mental Health. Simply put, it's just the state of our psychological and emotional well-being. While some people have a great emotional state, others, like myself,... Continue Reading →

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To the Rude Man at Starbucks and Others Like Him…

Ah rude people....what a gift they are to the world. Always reminding us that as bad as we are, at least we aren't "that person". In all seriousness, however, rude people can basically ruin my day. Not just if they are rude to me, but just seeing rude people changes my entire mood. Here's the... Continue Reading →


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