To the Rude Man at Starbucks and Others Like Him…

Ah rude people….what a gift they are to the world. Always reminding us that as bad as we are, at least we aren’t “that person”.

In all seriousness, however, rude people can basically ruin my day. Not just if they are rude to me, but just seeing rude people changes my entire mood.

Here’s the thing though, I can actually be quite sassy and rude. BUT you will never see me being rude to someone who is providing me a service (cashier, barista, server, etc.). Maybe this stems from me working in the food industry. And FYI, you can’t defend yourself if you are serving someone. Not surer if you knew that.

So it leads me to the question….are these people being rude because they’re just rude? or do they get some rise out of yelling at people who can’t defend themselves?

When I see this happen…I get a little…how you say…angry? Now, I’m not one to seek out confrontation, I actually don’t like it. But if I see someone being rude to a worker…all hell breaks loose. I feel the need to defend the one who can’t defend themselves and let the customer know just how rude they’re being. Luckily, for the customer, usually I have my boyfriend or best friend to hold me back. However, when I saw the man freaking out at the barista at Starbucks, I was alone. No one to stop me. So I told that man just his wrongdoing. Did he get mad? Of course. Did I regret it? Absolutely not.

The following is a rough overview of what happened…

I pull up to Starbucks and see that the Drive Thru is full of cars. This is not unusual for this Starbucks, they are usually busy. I see a parking spot in the front and decide to go in. I don’t care about waiting. So I walk in just wanting a Midnight Mocha Frappucino for Happy Hour. I start to walk up to the cashier, when a man (probably in his upper 60s) walks right in front of me to the girl at the register. He has a small black coffee in his hands. I didn’t care too much that he cut in front of me…until the words came out of his mouth.

“Excuse me miss, I just didn’t get enough coffee in this cup. Could you please just give me a little more?” HA. Nothing polite came out of his mouth. I wish that is how he had approached it, like he should have. But instead he walked right up, glared at the barista and says the following. “Uhm. I asked for a ‘little bit’ of room for cream and this is more like a lot. I said a little.” The barista smiled and apologized before putting a little more coffee in his cup. He was not pleased.

Apparently he should work at Starbucks because he then continued to educate the barista. “Now let me repeat myself. I said a ‘little room’ now I may be wrong but I believe that it means that I want just a little room for my cream. Not a little bit of coffee.” I can see the girl straining a smile as she agrees with the man and goes to put more coffee in his cup.

At this point I am sort of smiling in a “wtf” way at the man. It’s not the end of the world that there’s not enough coffee in your cup. But he must have thought it was by his tone of voice as he looked at me and said “I don’t know how much clearer I have to make it. A ‘little bit’ is that so hard?”

I assume that he wanted me to agree with him and condone his actions but I could not condone that blatant rudeness of his voice, posture and words. I responded with a few choice words, in anger, “You don’t have to be a bitch about it” Probably could’ve worded that better, but I was mad and no one was there to hold me back.

The man was in shock. How dare this, however old I looked, talk to him in such manner. It’s so….rude? Yep. That’s exactly what I was. This privileged asshole was not getting any sympathy from me. He continued to defend himself while I defended the barista. I let him know of his rude actions to which he told me to mind my business. Uhm… you talked to me first. I also informed him that he was not only being rude to the barista, but he also felt special enough to walk right in front of me before I could order. Eventually another barista (seemed like she might have been a manager, idk) asked us to stop. Yeah… I ordered my drink and as I sat patiently waiting, I saw the barista who had the unpleasant time of serving this old man mouth “thank you” and give me a thumbs up. It was then that I felt good about what I had done.

Yes, I was rude to the man. Yes, I could’ve been calmer. But I just hate seeing rude people in places like Starbucks, restaurants and other places in which they are customers. I just couldn’t take it anymore.

So what’s the point of all this? Don’t be rude! Simple as that.

Any time I go outside, I see someone being rude to a person that is serving them. These people do not come in to work to deal with you assholes. They are not your servants, so stop treating them as so. They are people, just like you. They have lives, family, friends, just like you. No one is perfect, but some people are just especially flawed in this area. And if you are rude to a server in front of me, you better hope my boyfriend is there to hold me back. I am not afraid to call you out on it. I just want to defend those who can’t defend themselves. Keep that in mind when you see a rude customer, the server or barista or whoever CAN’T defend themselves. They just have to smile and deal with it. And I can tell you that it is awful. So just keep an eye out for the rude people, maybe you can say something…or maybe you can’t. But I will always try to say something.

~Charlie Pond~


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