I’m a Feminist, But…

I am a feminist. 

Those words have scared off many people. They believe that I am crazy. They call me a bitch. They immediately think that I am going to hate every man that has ever lived.

This is not true.

Yes, I am a feminist. I say it loud and I say it proud. But that may not meant what many people say it means. People start to see in me what other “feminists” are. They are using what stereotypes they believe to define me.

I believe in equality.

Now, let me tell you, why I am a feminist.

First of all, I was not raised in a “feminist” family. My parents are not super open in their views. Actually, they are pretty conservative in their views. So I was not raised a feminist. I actually only decided I was a feminist in the past two years. But why?

Growing up, I didn’t realize many things that come from not being seen as “equal” because I am a woman. It ranges from subtle things, like being prohibited from doing “boyish” activities to people talking down to me because “I am a girl.”

In the church, although taught differently by my mother, I was told that women were under men. They were to be submissive and that they were never to be a leader. Women were supposed to stay home and take care of the children, cook the food, and clean the house. Men were superior.

I have big boobs. I have thick thighs. I am tall so dresses tend to be shorter. I was taught to cover up, because “boys were going to stare.” None of my guy friends were taught to “cover up” and they were never taught “not to stare.”

My dad told me that rape victims deserved it for flaunting themselves. He told me that he watched football “because he is a man”.

I am a feminist, because of how I was raised. I am a feminist because I was raised to “act like a girl.”

So let me clear this up for you, I am a feminist because I want to be equal.

I am a feminist, but I don’t hate men. I just want to be equal. And yes, I don’t believe in gender roles.

I am a feminist, but I don’t walk around shirtless. I do believe that women shouldn’t have to cover their boobs. But I do know that, despite the efforts, women will be consider sexual as long as I am alive.

I am a feminist, but I won’t force my girl to dress like a boy. She can dress however she wishes, it isn’t up to me.

I am a feminist, but I think that feminism is for men too. I believe that toxic masculinity is a big issue. And I want to stop it.

I am a feminist, but I don’t hate housewives. I believe that every woman should be who she wants.

I am a feminist, but I don’t think that having a woman in leadership would solve everything. Yes, a woman leader could be great, but a man leader could also be great. I just want a good leader.

I am a feminist, but all I want…is to be seen as equal.

I don’t want to be taken for granted because I am a woman. I don’t want to be forced to follow the gender rules set out for me. I don’t want to be called crazy for just wanting to say what I think. I don’t want to have to feel unsafe because of rape.

And that’s that. I am feminist.

If you are wanting to voice your opinion below, that is fine. But please be civil. How you voice your opinion is up to you. Your opinion is not wrong. But if you are being rude, arrogant, and are not open to others then you. are. wrong.

Until next time,

~Charlie Pond~


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