Hello, my name is Charlie Pond (or at least that’s my pen name). I am twenty- one years old and a Psychology Major. I started this blog with the intent to get my thoughts down onto a productive space. This blog tends to cover more serious topics, but I will occasionally post a more fun anecdote or blog post. Before you read my blog, let me give you some more facts on what has inspired to write these posts:

-Since I was 14, I have fought with a monster known as depression. A lot of my posts tend to connect with this on some level.

-I am a feminist. If you really feel the need to know more then read my blog post about it.

-I am also a Christian. I hate using that word, but once again I have a post explaining why.

-I want to be a therapist, which is why I am studying Psychology. I have always felt drawn to helping others, and people have come to me for many issues. So some of my posts tend to have a “helpful” side to them. That is just my passion for wanting to help any person I can.

And that’s really the main things you would need to know about me. I hope you enjoy my blog!

~Charlie Pond~



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