Why aren’t we talking about Mental Health?

~This post was inspired mostly by a video (on Facebook of all things) by ATTN. What if we talked about physical health the absurd way we talk about mental health. ~ Mental Health. Simply put, it's just the state of our psychological and emotional well-being. While some people have a great emotional state, others, like myself,... Continue Reading →

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Why I don’t like saying, “I’m Christian.”

*This one might seem a little controversial, but this is just what's been on my mind lately.* Growing up, I was "raised in the church". I always believed that if you looked up "perfect Christians" in the dictionary, my parent's pictures would be smiling at you. I thought that they were what I was to... Continue Reading →

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Real Talk: Depression

Depression. People say they understand. That they get it. And some people do. But some just don't. Depression isn't just being sad. Depression isn't just laying in bed in tears. Depression isn't just hating yourself. Depression isn't just loss of motivation. Depression is so much more. Depression is a monster that lives inside your head.... Continue Reading →

I Took A (Couple) Personality Tests

So, as anyone would actually know me would say, I LOVE personality tests. I think I just find it interesting that I can read these traits that someone like me might have. I love relating to them and seeing how other people's personalities are. So I always like taking tests and just relating in general.... Continue Reading →

Don’t Let Them Control You

*Note: I am not trying to make my ex sound like some horrible person, I am trying to make this as accurate as possible by not exaggerating anything. I understand that we both made mistakes, but this is my stance as of now. Once again, my ex is NOT a horrible person, he is just... Continue Reading →

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