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"Neon gravestones try to call for my bones" - Twenty One Pilots In October, my favorite band came out with their new album Trench. Now Twenty One Pilots usually have thought provoking, deep songs. However, Neon Gravestones has caused such strong emotions, it warranted a blog post. Suicide. Growing up, like many people, I had a specific... Continue Reading →

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I’m a Feminist, But…

I am a feminist.  Those words have scared off many people. They believe that I am crazy. They call me a bitch. They immediately think that I am going to hate every man that has ever lived. This is not true. Yes, I am a feminist. I say it loud and I say it proud. But... Continue Reading →

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This is for my ex. This is for my friends. This is for my friends' past, current and future boyfriends. 16 months. I dated him for 16 months. In that time, I became vulnerable. In that time, I fell in love. In that time, I gave him everything. In that time, I broke myself. This... Continue Reading →

If just to help one person….

First things first, I am the youngest of my family. I have two (much) older sister, 9 and 11 years older. Somehow, even as the youngest, I have been told that I have a "big sister" mentality. Really, it has been a passion (and almost felt like a purpose of mine) to reach out to... Continue Reading →

Why aren’t we talking about Mental Health?

~This post was inspired mostly by a video (on Facebook of all things) by ATTN. What if we talked about physical health the absurd way we talk about mental health. ~ Mental Health. Simply put, it's just the state of our psychological and emotional well-being. While some people have a great emotional state, others, like myself,... Continue Reading →

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