Depression doesn’t always look like depression

I have depression, but I work two jobs that require me to leave my house on a daily business. I have depression, but I am a full time college student with a 3.5 GPA. I have depression, but I am usually out of my house rather than cooped up in my room. I have depression,... Continue Reading →


Life Update: Boyfriend

October 2nd, 2016. It's official.  I have a boyfriend. The timing could not have been any better in fact. Before the weekend that I had gone to visit my home, I was in a rough patch. I sat in front of my computer ready to type out what was a blog post outlining how low... Continue Reading →

College: The Move-In Day

Almost everyone can imagine a "First Day at College" movie scenario. You packed for weeks, you have all your decorations (that you and you roommate planned ahead of course), your stuff is all piled in the back of your car and your family (and maybe a few friends) somehow manage to fit in the packed... Continue Reading →

The First One

Well here goes. My first blog post. I'll be honest, I've never blogged before or even written to anyone. I am usually very soft spoken about my life, but it seemed like a good time for a blog. So this post is just to get the blog started, more exciting posts are to come. As... Continue Reading →

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